Perioperative Patient Warming

Prevents hypothermia in the OR before during and after surgery.

Actively warming patients to achieve normal body temperature in the perioperative period is the standard of care. Hypothermia in the OR is associated with adverse outcomes including surgical site infections, impaired drug metabolism and cardiac morbidity.

The financial consequences and medical liability are significant if a surgical site infection occurs as a result of failing to maintain normal body temperature during surgery. Payers will reduce the amount reimbursed for a procedure if a patient’s temperature out of the operating room is not above 35° C and may not reimburse providers for hospital acquired infections caused by failing to maintain normal body temperature.

According to a recent study*, Bair Hugger, a forced-air warming system and the current solution used by nearly 80% of all hospitals, fails to maintain normal body temperature in roughly 50% of patients after two hours of use.

Mercury Biomed’s solution – WarmSmart represents an enhanced approach to maintaining normal body temperature in the operating room. It provides greater patient access, is less restrictive to the surgical site, and may eliminate the concerns regarding hospital-acquired infections associated with forced-air systems.

*Sessler, D et al. Intraoperative Core Temperature Patterns, Transfusion Requirement, and Hospital Duration in Patients Warmed with Forced Air. Anesthesiology. 2015: 122:276-285

WarmSmart is designed to be

Smarter: Provides greater patient access, can be applied by anyone, and can eliminate adverse effects caused by warming

Safer: Completely non-invasive, does not hinder patient care, poses zero risk of forced-air warming contamination

Seamless: Offers easy transitions from pre-warming to operating room to post-operative setting, and makes the application of active patient warming easier to set up and implement for OR staff