Therapeutic Hypothermia

Safe induction of therapeutic hypothermia by anyone, anywhere, when it matters most.

Inducing mild hypothermia in patients suffering sudden cardiac arrest, stroke and traumatic brain injury has been shown to reduce irreversible brain, vital tissue and organ damage – and the sooner, the better!

SmartCool can cool patients earlier in the chain of survival, within the critical window of opportunity to reduce or eliminate damage-causing processes, and may be applied quickly, simply and safely by emergency medical first responders in the field or by hospital Emergency Room personnel.

Similar to holding a lit match near a thermostat to induce a lower room temperature, the SmartCool technology cools the body by tricking it into thinking it is hotter than it actually is. SmartCool’s totally non-invasive cooling technology applies warmth to the back of the neck and then removes heat from the hands and feet.

SmartCool is designed to be

Smarter: Highly portable, providing cooling within the critical window of opportunity

Safer: Operates in concert with the body rather than using brute force methods to overpower it, and eliminates the need for vasodilation drugs that may cause further medical complications

Seamless: Pairs well with complementary lifesaving technologies and transitions effortlessly through changes in care settings – from first contact to recovery